How to include terminal and VIM applications in Karabiner version 10.22.0 change key

Some of the change key options are excluding terminal and VIM. What if you like the terminal and VIM applications be included in the change key options where they are excluded? In Karabiner version 10.22.0 there is private.xml for your custom configurations. This is locate at:

~/Library/Application Support/Karabiner/private.xml

To include terminal and VIM applications in Karabiner change key, edit the private.xml and have the following codes as its content:

How to change the owner and group of VMware's Shared Folder in macOS guest OS

The owner and group of VMware's Shared Folder in macOS guest OS can't be changed by just using chmod. Mounting of the VMware's Shared Folder is the task of VMware Tools and it is possible to change its owner and group during mounting.

VMware Tools uses a bash script to mount VMware's Shared Folder and it is located at:


Setup phpMyAdmin with Laravel Valet

This article will show step by step on how to setup phpMyAdmin with Laravel Valet:

  1. Install Homebrew. Execute the following shell command in your terminal:

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

    If you have Homebrew already installed, update it:

    brew update
  2. Install composer. Execute the following shell commands in your terminal:

Using Laravel Valet with Drupal multiple sites

Setup of development environment for Mac is made easy with Laravel Valet. Comparing it with XAMPP setup, we don't need to edit hosts file and httpd.conf/httpd-vhosts.conf Apache configuration files to add a local development domain. Even Drupal multiple sites setup (sharing the same code base) is possible in Laravel Valet. In this article will discuss the Drupal multiple sites setup step by step guide and we will use local development domain http://webfoobar.test as Drupal site #1 and http://drupal.test as Drupal site #2.


Domain name registrar with lowest yearly renewal fee

Most domain name registrars' ads offer low price domain name registration/transfer but their yearly renewal fee is way more than the original offered price. And often these domain name registrars don't have consistent yearly renewal fee, they increase yearly. I really dedicate time just to work on searching, read blogs/forums for the cheapest domain name registrar not just registration/transfer but importantly lowest yearly renewal fee.

Transfer your domain(s) away from ZnetLive

ZnetLive is a domain name registrar. They claim to be the cheapest domain name provider. The catch is you will get the cheap price only for domain name registration and transfer but their domain name renewal fee is expensive. So the price they show in their ads is just like a bait and I'm one of the victims who were attracted in their bait. I searched for a domain registrar who is really cheap in everything (registration, transfer, yearly renewal) and I found one.