Setup phpMyAdmin with Laravel Valet

This article will show step by step on how to setup phpMyAdmin with Laravel Valet:

  1. Install Homebrew. Execute the following shell command in your terminal:

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

    If you have Homebrew already installed, update it:

    brew update
  2. Install composer. Execute the following shell commands in your terminal:

Using Laravel Valet with Drupal multiple sites

Setup of development environment for Mac is made easy with Laravel Valet. Comparing it with XAMPP setup, we don't need to edit hosts file and httpd.conf/httpd-vhosts.conf Apache configuration files to add a local development domain. Even Drupal multiple sites setup (sharing the same code base) is possible in Laravel Valet. In this article will discuss the Drupal multiple sites setup step by step guide and we will use local development domain http://webfoobar.test as Drupal site #1 and http://drupal.test as Drupal site #2.


Installing geoip2 required library for Smart IP's data source MaxMind GeoIP2 binary database

The MaxMind GeoIP2 binary database is a custom binary format and there are two available APIs that read this binary database: MaxMind DB Reader PHP API which includes an optional C extension that you may install to improve binary database lookup performance and the default is GeoIP2 PHP API. We will discuss how to install these two APIs in your system.

Setup Drupal 8 module using Composer

Drupal uses an externally-maintained repository the but this repo is scheduled to be deprecated in January 2017 by then we will be using repo URL.

It is assumed that composer is already installed in your system. Make sure your composer version is 1.0.0 or higher, to check execute:

composer -V

If it is lower than version 1.0.0, update it by:

composer self-update

Change directory to your Drupal root path.

Installing ip2location-php required library for Smart IP's data source IP2Location binary database

Using Smart IP's data source IP2Location binary database requires ip2location/ip2location-php library which contains API that reads its database file. This article will show how to setup this API using composer.

The following procedures are tested on my Linode server running Centos 7 64-bit Linux distribution.

  1. First we will install composer: