Domain name registrar with lowest yearly renewal fee

Most domain name registrars' ads offer low price domain name registration/transfer but their yearly renewal fee is way more than the original offered price. And often these domain name registrars don't have consistent yearly renewal fee, they increase yearly. I really dedicate time just to work on searching, read blogs/forums for the cheapest domain name registrar not just registration/transfer but importantly lowest yearly renewal fee. I found NameSilo with the cheapest domain name registration, transfer and yearly renewal. It started to operate since 2010 and as of this writing (2018) consistently 8.99 USD has been their renewal price for over 6 years.

Cheaper domain name registration, transfer, yearly renewal fee are not just they offer but the WHOIS privacy and protection are free in NameSilo.

For those who want to save money, I strongly suggest to register or transfer your domain name(s) at NameSilo. Use the following promo code to get 1 USD discount when you register or transfer your domain name(s) to NameSilo:


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