domain name registrar

Domain name registrar with lowest yearly renewal fee

Most domain name registrars' ads offer low price domain name registration/transfer but their yearly renewal fee is way more than the original offered price. And often these domain name registrars don't have consistent yearly renewal fee, they increase yearly. I really dedicate time just to work on searching, read blogs/forums for the cheapest domain name registrar not just registration/transfer but importantly lowest yearly renewal fee.

Transfer your domain(s) away from ZnetLive

ZnetLive is a domain name registrar. They claim to be the cheapest domain name provider. The catch is you will get the cheap price only for domain name registration and transfer but their domain name renewal fee is expensive. So the price they show in their ads is just like a bait and I'm one of the victims who were attracted in their bait. I searched for a domain registrar who is really cheap in everything (registration, transfer, yearly renewal) and I found one.

Build high performance Drupal site without spending much


When we install the basic Drupal we get very simple functionality and not so good user experience, we have to dig through 30,000 modules to find the modules we need, install and configure them to achieve the site we actually want. To save the trouble from doing this work, we can take advantage of using Drupal distribution. One of the very good to start with is the Panopoly Drupal distribution it has almost all the modules or functionality that a general website should have.