Setup Drupal 8 module using Composer

Drupal uses an externally-maintained repository the but this repo is scheduled to be deprecated in January 2017 by then we will be using repo URL.

It is assumed that composer is already installed in your system. Make sure your composer version is 1.0.0 or higher, to check execute:

composer -V

If it is lower than version 1.0.0, update it by:

composer self-update

Change directory to your Drupal root path.

Since we are getting our module in external composer repository, configure composer to look up to its repo URL:

composer config repositories.drupal composer

Note: on January 2017, you will want to change to new repo:

composer config repositories.drupal composer

Finally, to install a Drupal module (lets setup Smart IP) execute:

composer require "drupal/smart_ip ~8.3" -vvv

Smart IP module has two non-Drupal module dependencies: geoip2/geoip2 and ip2location/ip2location-php libraries. These two libraries should be downloaded automatically.

The module will be installed at [drupal root path]/module/smart_ip

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