Setup Drupal 7 Panopoly distribution with mongoDB on CentOS 7

The mongoDB provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. Using it with Drupal, will take some load off its SQL database. The read/write SQL procedures in Drupal functions like: session, log entries from watchdog, cache, fields, queue and block can be handled by mongoDB Drupal module. And this will greatly improve the perfomance of your Drupal site.

Optimizing images using imagemin Grunt plugin

I have tried to use Prepros and one feature that I like is its image optimization. This feature reduces the byte size of of the image and this means faster web page loading. But Grunt is the workflow management I am using. Good thing is Grunt has this Imagemin plugin which can also optimize images (jpeg, png and gif). Lets take a look on how to setup and use this plugin to our workflow.

Setup Synology as local development environment walk-through

As web developer, we want to have separate development server which is always "ON" that we can use to test the functionality of our web codes or check our design layout on your actual different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). Some prefer to use web hosting service and pay monthly or annually and others setup local machine at their home. I prefer the latter.