Web Optimization

Setup Zend OPcache on CentOS 7

Zend OPcache speeds up the execution of PHP codes. How? We know that PHP is an interpreted language where the instructions are written in a script and needs a process to parse/interpret and execute it. Zend OPcache removes the parse/interpret part by compiling the script to directly executed it by the target machine which makes the execution of your PHP application more faster. This article will show how to setup Zend OPcache on CentOS 7.

Solution to NGINX upstream servers HTTP keepalive enabled serving wrong URL and content

With HTTP keepalive enabled in NGINX upstream servers reduces latency thus improves performance and it reduces the possibility that the NGINX runs out of ephemeral ports. Following the suggestion given by NGINX doc that the proxy_http_version directive should be set to "1.1" and the "Connection" header field should be cleared:

Setup Rock Mongo web interface

I was looking for a admin web interface for mongoDB just like PHPMyAdmin for My SQL and found RockMongo a good one. In this article will show how to setup RockMongo using the authentication created in your mongoDB service. Please checkout this article Setup Drupal 7 Panopoly distribution with mongoDB on CentOS 7 if you haven't setup your mongoDB service and its PHP driver in your server.

Drupal Search API Solr spellcheck setup for foreign language

The task is to setup the spellcheck feature of Solr in Drupal for foreign language (in this article I will demonstrate enabling German language and adding new language - Filipino). The Solr spellcheck is a feature where it gives list of suggestions if there is no search result due to spelling error.

Setup Drupal 7 Panopoly distribution with mongoDB on CentOS 7

The mongoDB provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. Using it with Drupal, will take some load off its SQL database. The read/write SQL procedures in Drupal functions like: session, log entries from watchdog, cache, fields, queue and block can be handled by mongoDB Drupal module. And this will greatly improve the perfomance of your Drupal site.