How to setup a network printer in macOS X

I have tried the instructions available in the internet and none of them worked for me. The setup: the printer (Canon E600) is connected via USB on wireless router (ASUS WL-520gU) and Mac is running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

The following are the instructions:

  1. Click the Apple button at the upper left and select System Preferences from the menu.

    Mac main menu

  2. A window will open, select and double click on Print & Scan.

    System Preferences window

  3. Click the plus (+) sign button on the lower left.

    Printer and Scanners window

  4. A new small window will open and click the IP tab.

    Populate the Address field with the IP address of the router where your pinter is connected.

    Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD from the dropdown menu of Protocol field.

    On Queue field type LPRServer. You can define the Name and Location fields any text you want that will be useful to identify your printer from other printers in your system.

    From Use field, choose Select Software...

    Network printer actual settings

  5. Select the model number of your printer from the list.

    Printer Software window

    Click the OK button, this will close the Printer Software window. Then click the Add button.

    Note: If your printer model number is not listed, select Other... instead. You must have the driver for your printer saved on your computer.

  6. You will see this alert window:

    Alert window

    Just click Continue button.

  7. Congratulations, your network printer is now installed in your Mac computer.

    Installed network printer


Thank the almighty! I've been trying to get my HP1606dn LaserJet working through my router forever and this worked perfectly, exactly as described above. I don't know why it has to be so damned difficult to find things like this!

Great guide - easy to find on Google, and easy to follow - thanks!

I followed your instructions but when i try to print it says the "printer is in use" and won't print anything. I tried rebooting the printer and still not working. Any advice please? It would be amazing if this would work!

I suggest to go to System Preferences, select the printer you just have added, delete it and add it back by following the steps in this article again.

Try to disable and enable again print server at router web interface after creating a printer in Mac OS.

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