Build CentOS 8 vagrant box from scratch in Windows

We need to install VirtualBox and Vagrant in Windows and download the DVD ISO image of CentOS 8 to be able to build CentOS 8 vagrant box. It is recomended to use Chocolatey (a software management automation for Windows) to install these software. To install Chocolatey, follow the procedure here.


  1. Install VirtualBox by executing the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

Alternative way to get Linux image for Vagrant

Vagrant box downloads are extremely slow and there are no other trusted sources (links, torrents, magnets) available. But there's an alternative way to download your Linux image from faster source and use it with your Vagrant. Instead of downloading the Vagrant box, download the Oracle Virtualbox "ova" image file then convert it to Vagrant box image.


  1. Download the Oracle Virtualbox "ova" Linux image file. In this article, CentOS 8 "ova" Linux image file downloaded from will be used as an example.

Solution to Drupal 8 Redirect module causes infinite loop (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) in all the URLs except front page for anonymous user

When I tried to install Drupal 8 Varbase distribution and visited its sub pages as anonymous user (like Login page I get this error message in my browser:

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

Try clearing your cookies.


... and the URL changed to:

How to route external domain to router website hosted in local virtualbox web server (Windows as host OS and CentOS 7 as guest OS)

There are test scenarios that requires a development site hosted in local web server accessible via live external domain. In this article, will show how to make a development site hosted in local virtualbox web server (Windows as host OS and CentOS 7 as guest OS). Note: make sure you have full administrator access to your router and the router's WAN IP is a public IP address.


  1. Open and configure your Vagrantfile. Add the following lines:

Solution to so many redirects error executing independent PHP script in a Drupal 8 site running under nginx

The issue is when executing a standalone PHP script in a Drupal 8 site running under nginx gets "The page isn't redirecting properly" error in Firefox and getting this error in Chrome: "This page isn't working [domain] redirected you too many times." but the PHP scripts that executes under Drupal 8 bootstrap don't get this issue. The bug must be on nginx webserver configuration. Investigating the nginx configuration file php_pass.conf that handles my Drupal 8 site PHP scripts: