My git commands cheatsheet

Basic commands

Configure the author name and email address to be used with commits
git config --global "Roland dela Pena"
git config --global [email protected]
Initialize a new local repository
git init
Check out a local repository
git clone /path
Check out a remote repository
git clone username@host:/path
Include file(s) to staging
git add filename1.php filename2.php filename3.php
Commit all staged and not staged files added/modified
git commit -am "Commit message"
Push to the master branch of remote repository:
git push origin master
Show all staged, not staged or untracked files
git status
Fetch and merge changes on the remote repository to local repository
git pull

... or

git fetch
git merge origin/master
Move file(s)
git mv foldersource foldertarget

... or

git add -A
Change comment message of last commit
git comit --amend
View commits history
git log --oneline

Undoing change commands

Undo the modifications made in one unstaged file permanently
git checkout filename.php
Undo the modifications made in all unstaged files permanently
git reset --hard HEAD
Unstage the modified staged files
git reset HEAD
Delete all untracked files permanently
git clean -f
Undo single commit (without destroying any of the history)
git revert HEAD
Undo any commits (rewrite history and destroy some commits made)
git reset --hard be32f3a

Note: be32f3a is a git short hash.

Branch commands

Create new branch named "dev"
git checkout -b dev
Create new branch named "dev" and pull from master branch
git checkout -b dev master
List all branch
git branch -a
Switch to "dev" branch
git checkout dev
Merge dev branch to master branch (with Fast Forward)
git checkout master
git merge dev
Merge dev branch to master branch (without Fast Forward)
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff dev
Undo merge branch
git checkout master
git reset --hard be32f3a

Where be32f3a is a git short hash referenced before the merge.

Save "dev" branch to remote repository
git push origin dev
Track "dev" branch from remote repository
git checkout --track origin/dev
Setup local "dev" branch to track remote "dev" branch pull down changes from remote repository
git branch --set-upstream dev origin/dev
Delete local "dev" branch
git branch -d dev
Delete a remote "dev" branch
git push origin :dev

Stash commands

Save stash
git stash save "Stash message"
Apply stash to current branch
git stash apply stash@{0}
View all stash
git stash list
Remove a stash
git stash drop stash@{0}

Tag commands

Create tag named "1.0"
git tag 1.0 -am "Tag message"
Save tag "1.0" to remote repository
Git push origin 1.0
View all tags
git tag -l
Undo a commit using created tag "1.0" (rewrite history and destroy some commits made)
git reset --hard 1.0
Change tag name from 1.x-alpha to 1.x-alpha1
git tag 1.x-alpha1 1.x-alpha
git tag -d 1.x-alpha

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