Override a CKEditor notification message

There are some applications that needs changing the default notification message of a CKEditor plugin. Like this case, I have application that needs to check the size of a file being uploaded against the maximum file size limit allowed on a Drupal site and the upload should abort if it exceeds. Using this upload.abort(); method will display "Upload aborted by the user." notification message which obviously not applicable to the situation. The following code snippet will override the notification generated by uploadwidget plugin:

if (upload.total > maxImageFilesize && maxImageFilesize != 0) {
  editor.on('notificationShow', function(evt) {
    if (drupalSettings.DrupalCKeditorUploadImage.listenNow) {
      // Override the "Upload aborted by the user." notification
      // generated by uploadwidget plugin.
      evt.data.notification.message = Drupal.t(
        'The image file size (@size bytes) exceeds the maximum limit (@max bytes).', {
          '@size': upload.total,
          '@max': maxImageFilesize
      evt.data.notification.type = 'warning';
      evt.data.notification.element = evt.data.notification._createElement();
  // Cancel the upload.

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