Solution to empty Text Fieldable Panels Panes after saving it

The main setup is Drupal Panopoly distribution and using MongoDB Field Storage module. I encountered issue in Panels' in-place editor where after saving the non-reusable Text Fieldable Panels Panes

Text Fieldable Panels Panes editor

... it displayed empty body:

Empty text body

This started to happen after updating to Panopoly version 7.x-1.37 (2016-06-16).

After spending hours of debugging, I discovered that the MongoDB Field Storage is not yet aware of using revision ID for non-reusable FPPs. To fix this issue, go to /admin/structure/fieldable-panels-panes/settings:

Fieldable Panels Panes settings

... and select "Legacy: Use entity ID for all FPPs."

Update your Text Fieldable Panels Panes and its body should now displaying:

Fixed Text Fieldable Panels Panes

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