Running multiple PHP versions on CentOS 7 using Virtualmin

This guide will show how to install additional PHP version (in this tutorial we will install PHP version 5.6. Check my post here for PHP 7.0) on CentOS 7 by using the Software Collections and have Virtualmin detect and use it. What requires me to perform this is because I need to install Drupal 8 which requires PHP version 5.5.9 or higher but as of this writing CentOS 7 only provides PHP version 5.4.16 plus I don't want to affect the system version of the default PHP package installed from system distribution.

Setup Zend OPcache on CentOS 7

Zend OPcache speeds up the execution of PHP codes. How? We know that PHP is an interpreted language where the instructions are written in a script and needs a process to parse/interpret and execute it. Zend OPcache removes the parse/interpret part by compiling the script to directly executed it by the target machine which makes the execution of your PHP application more faster. This article will show how to setup Zend OPcache on CentOS 7.