Setup Munin on CentOS 7 with nginx

Munin provides web interface showing graphs about your server's load average, memory usage, CPU usage, MySQL throughput, eth0 traffic, etc. Although it lets you monitor more than one server, this article will discuss the monitoring of the system where it is installed. The following steps are tested running on my Linode server running Centos 7 64-bit. It is assumed that nginx is already installed in your system. If not, please follow this guide.

Install extension modules for PHP 5.6 created under Software Collections (multiple PHP versions in a system)

This article is the continuation of Running multiple PHP versions on CentOS 7 using Virtualmin. Some of us assumed that the additional PHP version in our systems inherits the extension modules installed for system version of the default PHP package installed from system distribution. Remember the two PHP versions installed are independent in respect to each other so we need to install another set of extension modules for our additional PHP version.


Running multiple PHP versions on CentOS 7 using Virtualmin

This guide will show how to install additional PHP version (in this tutorial we will install PHP version 5.6. Check my post here for PHP 7.0) on CentOS 7 by using the Software Collections and have Virtualmin detect and use it. What requires me to perform this is because I need to install Drupal 8 which requires PHP version 5.5.9 or higher but as of this writing CentOS 7 only provides PHP version 5.4.16 plus I don't want to affect the system version of the default PHP package installed from system distribution.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 navbar collapse button not working in Drupal Panolopoly site fix

As of this writing Drupal Panolopoly (version 7.x-1.30) recommended jQuery version is 1.7. Changing to its higher version, you will encounter some strange behavior in javascript enhanced widgets and menus on your site (still a limitation of Drupal Panolopoly is at most jQuery version is 1.7). However, the Twitter Bootstrap 3 minimum jQuery version is 1.9.0. Having the jQuery version set to 1.7, the only strange behavior I have encountered so far in Bootstrap theme is the navbar collapse button which it is not working.

How to disable Smart Paging's pagination for a specific node Article if automatic page break by word/characters is on

Smart Paging is very useful module to automatically split up long Drupal content into sub-pages by number of characters or words. What if we don't need the Smart Paging's pagination on a specific node content? The following are the steps on how to disable Smart Paging's pagination for a node Article:

Filtering and sorting Views list of Drupal contents nearest to your visitor's location using Smart IP and OpenLayers Proximity

This article will show step by step guide on how to setup a View that shows list of Drupal 7 site contents that are filtered and sorted based on your visitor's location with the use of Smart IP and OpenLayers Proximity contributed modules.